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Change the Channel to Cognitive Learning with Commercial-free BabyTV!

Change the Channel to Cognitive Learning with Commercial-free BabyTV!

As parents can certainly attest to, rapid growth in early childhood is not only marked by physical and emotional growth in our children, but by mental growth as well. This early stage of cognitive development is vital in fomenting a child’s overall welfare.

To this end, parents strive to ensure that children are shielded from potentially harmful societal markers. But in a world that has become inundated with the sheer abundance of digital technology—not to mention social media—as well as the undeniable sense of fleeting time, how do we protect our children, allow for this shift in global technology and provide for their much-needed cognitive growth?

One way of dealing with the crunch of white noise is to embrace the digital age! And Fox International Channel is here to help infants, toddlers and parents alike with this goal through its revolutionary commercial-free channel—not to mention an awesome app—called BabyTV!

With BabyTV, parents can rest assured that the only message their children will receive from the screen is one both beneficial and age-appropriate.

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Though there are certainly other apps and channels out there that promise to “keep kids busy,” BabyTV takes the task at hand quite seriously. With experts in content development and a comprehensive knowledge of digital/screen media, it should come as no surprise that BabyTV is the leading commercial-free channel for babies, toddlers and parents.

BabyTV casts a wide net. It reaches over 100 countries worldwide and is available to the public in 18 languages. The channel has also taken the concept of safe and fun learning one step further by combining its popular commercial-free channel with a host of mobile apps.

With games like Flip & Flash, a new app that perfectly accompanies the TV series by the same name and that harnesses the crucial skills of memory and matching for babies and toddlers, BabyTV safeguards a safe and reliable viewing experience for both children and parents, and an experience conveniently accessible on multiple platforms.

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Just as parents set out to define positive markers in every aspect of a child’s growth, BabyTV carefully considers each new topic it introduces via its learning platforms. BabyTV underscores the commitment to positive parenting, parenting that immerses itself in providing valuable building blocks for future learning.

By visiting and signing up for the BabyTV Club, parents can make certain that they’re constantly up-to-date with the latest and greatest offerings from the channel. The members-only activities offered through the club include previews of BabyTV series, access to the BabyTV newsletter and other goodies aimed at keeping parents informed.

With the BabyTV app, parents can keep children entertained in the comfort of their own home, while on the road for a family vacation or even while out-and-about running errands for the day. A quick trip to the bank? No problem! A child bored at the grocery store? BabyTV has an app for that! Really, there are hundreds of episodes at your fingertips via BabyTV’s expansive list of apps.

And depending on your particular operating system, many of BabyTV’s episodes can be downloaded to your device for the duration of your subscription to the mobile app. What’s more, with downloads available for iPhone, Android and Kindle, providing for your child’s cognitive future has never been easier!

Try taking digital technology and your child’s cognitive learning to another level. Switch things up—switch the channel! Give BabyTV a try. You and your child will be happy you did.

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