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Thinking About Hiring A Nanny?

Thinking About Hiring A Nanny?

By Jennifer Chung,

Finding the right person to care for your children while you work is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent.  It will give you tremendous peace of mind to know that your children are safe and happy while you’re away from them.  There are many factors that go into choosing what is right for your family, below is a list of tips to consider when looking at child care options and why you might want to choose go to with a nanny vs. daycare.

One-on-one care. Nannies provide consistency for your children by having the same person care for them day in and day out. Consistency builds a sense of security in young children.  In addition, the nanny’s only priority is your children, so they come to love your children and know their routine.

Routine. Rather than having your children adapt to a day care’s routine, a nanny will cater to your children’s routine. This will allow your children to develop and grow at their own rate, nap when is best for your family, and play in their own home while learning to respect your rules and property.

Activities. A nanny will take them to gymnastics or ballet, or participate in music and swimming lessons. They will engage in playgroups, take trips to the zoo and run around at parks. With a nanny your children are free to explore on their own terms.

It’s your choice.  Although it may be a painful, laborious process, you are ultimately in charge of who watches your children. You conduct the interviews, you set the rules, and you write the paycheck. This also allows you to really get to know your nanny on a professional and personal level.

Safety. You are able to keep an eye on things. Either with a nanny cam or your own two eyes, parents with nannies are more engaged and aware of what goes on during the day.

Cost. Believe it or not, nanny’s typically cost less than daycare, especially the more children you have with them.

Sick days. A sick child doesn’t cancel your day. If your children are sick you usually can’t drop them off at daycare. However with a nanny, depending on the illness, you are still able to go to work despite having a sick child. Staying at home with a nanny also protects your children from exposure to germs and illnesses floating around a daycare.

Nannies become your right hand person.  Over time they become an extension of your family and offer stability that isn’t found in a daycare environment.  Having the help of a loving nanny gives your child the best of both worlds, they get to stick to their routine, they are able to socialize though activities and they have a trusted adult they can bond with while you’re at work.



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