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Bilingual Baby


By Dana DeMercurio When is the best time to teach your child a foreign language? What if we told you it was before he was even born? According to MultilingualChildren.Org, new technology has allowed researchers to determine that infants in the womb acquire fundamental verbal skills even before uttering their first word. Behavioral and neurological researches alike have found that ... Read More »

Befriending Germs for Better Immunity


Cringeworthy moments in a baby or toddler’s life often includes them eating food off the floor, sucking on their own toes, and touching what seems to be anything filthy they can find within arm’s reach. Most parents are quick to pull out the sanitizer and layer their kids with a thick coat of antibacterial liquid, but some would argue that society has gone a bit overboard when it comes to keeping their kids safe from germs. Read More »

Slow Down and Smell the Diapers


Gone are the days that mothers have the option to stay home with their children while husbands work as sole provider of security and stability in the home. Families living this 1950’s scene are of the vast minority and it is one that generally comes with great sacrifices by the parents. In the past 120 years, women have made great strides toward achieving equality with our male counter-parts in all aspects of life; from gaining the right to vote to eligibility for comparable job opportunities as men and let us not forget the availability of birth control. But with all this advancing forward, could it be that we as modern women have allowed ourselves to lose sight of the importance of slowing down and enjoying our children before they are no longer tiny, helpless little babies? Read More »

Thinking About Hiring A Nanny?


Finding the right person to care for your children while you work is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent. It will give you tremendous peace of mind to know that your children are safe and happy while you’re away from them. There are many factors that go into choosing what is right for your family, below is a list of tips to consider when looking at child care options and why you might want to choose go to with a nanny vs. daycare. Read More »

Tackling the Terrible Twos


For those parents who have yet to experience the terrible twos, here is a quick glance at your (possible) future: your toddler has reached that delicate stage in life where the only word in their vocabulary seems to be “no,” and the only form of emotional expression involves blood-curdling screams and the ever-frequent temper tantrums that usually get you a few scornful looks in public places. Read More »