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9 Ways for Your Family to Ring in the New Year

9 Ways for Your Family to Ring in the New Year

By Dana DeMercurio

Looking for fun things to do with your family while waiting for the ball to drop? Make the most of the entire day and celebrate in style.  Follow our NYE guide to festive feasts, DIY party props and more!

DIY Noisemakers: Always being shhhh’d and hushed, New Year’s Eve is a night when kids can actually be loud without being sent to time-out! Instead of banging on pots and pans, head to the local craft store and get all the necessary supplies to make unique noisemakers for the whole family.


Backyard Bonfire: What’s better than huddling up around a toasty fire with your loved ones as the New Year begins? Pretty much nothing.  Head outside for some quality family time before heading in to watch the ball drop. And if you feel compelled to sing “Kumbaya,” we won’t judge (but your kids might).


Prepare a Festive Feast: Spending time in the kitchen with your little ones is where long-lasting memories are made. Write up a fun and creative menu with the kids and whip up a fancy feast fit for a king! Having a party? Try some of these delectable finger food recipes too!

Family Cooking in the Kitchen

DIY Balloon Drop: Truth – give a kid a balloon and he/she will be happy for hours! Celebrate at the stroke of midnight with a DIY Balloon Drop.  It’s a simple and easy-to-clean-up DIY project that’s fun for the whole family.


Family-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions List: Encourage your kids to build a resolutions list that you can help them achieve throughout the year.  You can even create one for the whole family and post it on the fridge as a daily reminder!


Set up a Photo Booth + DIY Photo Props:  Capture the silliness and shenanigans of your family’s NYE fun with a homemade photo booth and DIY photo props.  Click on the photo booth tutorial photo below for an easy step-by-step guide.


Make it a Block Party: Get the whole neighborhood involved in some indoor (or outdoor) fun throughout the day.  Set up shop on front lawns and gather for food, drinks, sport and good cheer, or cozy up around a fireplace with BYOC – Bring Your Own Cocoa. Marshmallows optional.


Fashion Show: Kid’s love the chance to dress up in their parent’s clothes or mix-match with their own to create whacky outfits.  Make it a night to remember by turning it into a game! The winner with the most outlandish getup will be crowned “Best Dressed” of the evening and can lead the rest in a catwalk finale before the ball drops at midnight.


Dance Party: Crank your family’s favorite tunes from 2014 and dance like there’s no tomorrow! Be sure to give everyone the chance to play their faves – because “Let it Go” on repeat is your kid’s version of fun, not yours.

Family dancing together