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By Amy Senter

School’s out for summer…so help your child retain what they’ve learned this year.


Field trip: Visit your local library for weekly story time. Many have their own summer reading list your child can complete for a prize. For an online reading list, visit: (

Craft: Use paper scraps and supplies around the house to make your own bookmarks.

Game: Play an ABC road trip game, finding words on signs that start with each letter of the alphabet. Challenge: Play against each other. No two people can use the same word on a sign.


Field trip: Take a trip to the zoo. Read the signs to your child to teach them about the animals.

Craft: Start a collection using rocks, seeds, flowers, etc. Press objects in a book or make a special box to keep them in. Challenge: Catch a caterpillar and keep it until it turns into a butterfly. Research what you need to buy before you catch one.

Game: Catch fireflies at night in a jar. See who can capture the most.


Field trip: Make cards at home. Take a few friends on a trip to a nursing home.

Craft: Have your child make their own journal. Decorate a piece of construction paper with stickers and markers. Use contact paper to attach it to the cover of a spiral notebook.

Game: Write a funny story online together. (

Challenge: Help them write their own Mad Lib for friends to fill out.


Field trip: Go to a baseball game. Bring a scorecard to keep track of the stats.

Craft: Work together to make a clock using parts from a craft store.

Game: Use sidewalk chalk to create a giant hopscotch. Count by twos by writing the numbers in the boxes. Have your child say the numbers as they jump. Challenge: Try counting by larger numbers.


Field trip: Go to the grocery store and have your child write a list of their 10 favorite foods. When you get home, help them make a word search online using their list. (

Craft: Create an ABC book of words they know. Challenge: Use a dictionary to make an ABC book of words that are new to your child.

Game: Play Scrabble with the family.

Social Studies

Field trip: Visit the local art museum. Most collections can be photographed.  Add these to a scrapbook.

Craft: Make a family tree together. Draw a picture of a tree and label the branches with family names. Illustrate or use photos of family members to place on the tree. If you have room, add birthdays.

Game: Print a map of a local park. Go on a scavenger hunt finding items at the park. Challenge: Locate the park on a map. Have your child give you driving directions.