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The Three C’s of Father’s Day Gift-Giving

The Three C’s of Father’s Day Gift-Giving

By Dana DeMercurio

Psst…we’ve got a little secret we want to share with you about Father’s Day. No matter how grateful they may seem, dads don’t want a tie on their special day.  Nor do they want anything that reminds them they have to go back to the office on Monday. That includes fountain pens, coffee mugs, picture frames, brief cases and yes, neckties.

What dads really want is a daily reminder that the weekend is coming and that it’s going to be glorious – all because of your gift.  So this Father’s Day, think outside the gift box and give dad what he really wants.  We suggest one (or all) of the three c’s – cocktails, charcoal and cars.

No, not a real car (though kudos if you can swing it!) – think more like accessories.  A new stereo, a GPS system, a charging dock for his cell phone or even a roof rack perfect for bikes, kayaks, surf boards or whatever recreational sports he enjoys.

Nothing says the weekend’s here like a good, old-fashioned libation. And speaking of old-fashioned (we’ve got bourbon on the brain), why not give him the chance to perfect his bartending skills with his own cocktail set.  With a healthy supply of spirits for handcrafted cocktails, he’ll be the host with the most at the next backyard barbeque.

And speaking of barbeques, what’s the one thing no Father’s Day is complete without? Grilling.  Let’s be honest, he doesn’t want to get dressed up and go to brunch with his in-laws. He wants to stay at home and barbeque steaks for his friends and family.  This year, splurge and get dad the latest and greatest barbeque to get Father’s Day (and summer) started right.  But be sure to ask whether he’s a charcoal or propane kind of man first!

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