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Fun and Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Fun and Unique Father’s Day Gifts

By Melanie K. Nelson

Here at AKA Mom, we are all about the hard working women that carry the title of Mom, but just like Batman has Robin, every superhero occasionally needs the help of their trusty sidekicks!  It’s that time of year when we thank the guy who has supported us through the pregnancy cravings, dirty diapers, and sticky situations.

With Father’s Day right around the corner Mom’s everywhere are faced with the task of finding the perfect gift.  While it’s true that a man can never have too many ties, why not choose a gift that is a little more unique?  If you have a new (or soon to be) Daddy in your life this gift is even more important!  Since Father’s Day is all about being a Dad, here are some of my favorite gifts that celebrate all the things Dads do!

First up we have a gift for the on-the-go Dad.  As Moms, we have so many options for trendy diaper bags, but what about Dad?  No worries, DadGear has the solution to this problem!

This cool messenger-bag style diaper bag would make any busy Dad look stylish!  With smart exterior pockets for bottles, removable changing pads, and stroller straps, this bag is a functional as it is fashionable!

When you want your husband to fix something around the house, you buy him new tools in hopes the new toys will encourage him.  So when you want him to pitch in with changing diapers more often?  Why not try this baby-themed spin on a classic gift for men.

The Daddy Diaper Changing Toolbox has everything that a new Dad needs to change a diaper, plus some!  With everything from a pacifier to a biohazard waste bag, to a pair of tongs, Dads will have no excuse not to pitch in!  If things get really messy, never fear!  Just grab the Poop Poncho, rubber gloves, and face mask, and you will be ready to tackle anything.

Finally, we have a gift for the Dad-to-Be!  There is nothing like the anticipation of a new baby so why not celebrate with a new outfit?

Ok, so a set of scrubs might not be the outfit that you were thinking of, but why not?  DaddyScrubs are the perfect funny, yet functional gift!  Let the proud Dad-to-be stand out in the delivery room among all of the chaos.  Not to mention that after the big day, these comfy scrubs just might come in handy for those sleepless nights ahead!

Remember, you have plenty of years to get him boring traditional gifts, but here are my picks for gifts that are a little more unique!