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Staycations: Family Vacations Right at Home

A fun and interesting take on intensive planning and going away for family vacations is something known as a “stay-cation,” where the traveling is all done to a destination such as your own backyard or even to a grandparent’s house for a night of fun and family togetherness. These types of vacations ensure that family time is still adhered to even with busy schedules, as well as catering to the travel bug that bites add odd times of the year. A “stay-cation” can turn any night or weekend evening into a cause for celebration. And the great thing is that they run on minimal planning and are very kid-friendly!

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Entertaining Your Toddler When On-The-Go

Check out these tips to keep the whole family traveling happy!

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Road Trip

Traveling with Kids

As a seasoned traveler, Daddy Nickell knows how stressful it can be to voyage with small children. Don’t get caught up in the stress this year, follow these tried and true tips for ensuring easy travel with your kids for Spring Break, summer and beyond.

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Theme Park Smarts: Tips for Safety and Fun

Take a virtual tour so you and the kids can decide where you want to go first. Remember, everyone should get to choose at least one attraction each day. Divide the group if you have great variety of ages, keeping in touch via cell phone or walkie-talkies…

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Taking the Kids Camping

Here’s a vacation idea that is guaranteed to be an adventure, won’t bust the budget and will provide plenty of family time away from computers, cell phones and TVs. You don’t have to go far…

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Kids Eating Healthy

Kids can eat healthier on vacation

Sure we all want to kick back and indulge a little on vacation, but that doesn’t need to mean a steady diet of fast food and rich desserts. Just ask The First Lady. Her Lets…

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