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Fall is a great time to visit a museum


National Museum Day is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 29 with more than 1400 museums across the country offering free admission for two, as long as you print out a Museum Day ticket from the website. The program is spearheaded by Smithsonian magazine - Smithsonian museums are always free - to encourage awareness of museums around the country. Read More »

Picture Perfect


Picture this: A quiet, romantic beach lining a sheltered cove. A fiery red sun suspended low in a vibrant blue sky mottled rich by watercolor wisps of milk clouds. Warm, radiant skin soothed by sensuous gusts of sea air. Gentle, lapping waves caressing soft sand and the bare feet of amorous strollers. A setting that drives painters mad, poets to drink, and lovers to ecstasy. Read More »

Traveling with Kids

Road Trip

As a seasoned traveler, Daddy Nickell knows how stressful it can be to voyage with small children. Don’t get caught up in the stress this year, follow these tried and true tips for ensuring easy travel with your kids for Spring Break, summer and beyond. Read More »

Travel London


By Shandley McMurray The trip is booked, the brolly is packed and the children are too excited to sleep. Now what? Whether you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the Games or merely sip tea in closer proximity to the Queen, our local’s guide to London will tell you where to eat, sleep, play and shop in this year’s Olympic ... Read More »