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Spring Cleaning your Finances

Sweeping up Money.

Spring is here, a time for new beginnings. So how about spring cleaning your finances for a fresh and organized head start to 2012. These useful steps will not only help you keep your financial life organized but may even save you a few dollars. Refer to them regularly to keep up to date and have one less thing to ... Read More »

Household Budget How to Make a That Works


  Many people just spend as needed, or desired, and hope the next paycheck arrives before the money runs out. This is a mistake, but it’s easily corrected by drafting a budget – and sticking to it. A spending plan will help you define your expenses and following it will point you in the direction of future savings. A financial tune-up ... Read More »

Teaching Kids About Money

Should you reward your child for keeping a clean room or getting good grades at school? By Scott Reeves, Minyanville Rewards are intended to encourage good behavior, but require a little thought to get right. First, be careful what you wish for. “If you reward certain types of behavior, you might end up getting that behavior all the time – and it might be something that you only wanted once ... Read More »