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The Life You Live vs. the Life You Want to Live

Becky Weidow

How to Finally Achieve What You Really Want Take a break for a few minutes from whatever you were doing before reading this article. Clear your mind of errands to run, projects to complete, racing thoughts of all kinds. And think for a moment about your life and these two words: Certainty Uncertainty  These two premises, one being an outcome ... Read More »

Go from Baby Bulge to Bikini Ready!

Woman Fitness

As a mother it is your challenging yet fulfilling duty to teach, protect and nourish your children. However, the world’s most important job can often times leave you so frazzled that the equally crucial task of taking care of yourself (and finally losing those pesky, lingering pregnancy-induced pounds!) can seem ultra-stressful and even impossible... Read More »

No Gym Required


My whole philosophy of No Gym Required is a way of fitting in fitness anywhere, anytime, no excuses. The most common issue I hear from Moms is that they have no time to take care of themselves, so here are some ways that any Mom can stay active and healthy. Read More »

Being Proactive is Key in the Battle Against UTI


  Are you struggling with Urinary Tract Infections? Find out why you are getting them and how to prevent them! While it’s not commonly talked about, half of all women will have a urinary tract infection (UTI) at some point in their lives. If you’re currently among that 50 percent, you know how painful and bothersome they can be. In fact, ... Read More »

Organic Baby Food – Get the 411

Organic Foods

  Let’s face it, kids are expensive. Most of us factored in college fees shortly after the positive pregnancy test, but add on the more immediate costs of things like diapers, wipes, clothes and daycare and your piggy bank gets lighter by the second. Now add the luxuries you splurge on to make your child even healthier (eco-friendly toys and ... Read More »

Breast Cancer – Are you at risk?

Breast Cancer

  On most days, I feel like the average stay at home mom. I am in my early thirties raising two little girls while my husband goes out to battle his way through the corporate world. Together, we run a well oiled machine that is on the go from the early hours of the morning until very late at night. We ... Read More »

Finding Your Center


  Reconnect :: with your Abdominal Muscles (Properly) & Jump Start A Safe, Effective Postpartum Abdominal Exercise Program. Flat, toned abdominals are the desire of many women and one of the biggest goals of any post-natal exercise program. You want them? Well, simply do more abdominal exercises and Voila! the flat mid-section of your dreams will appear. Oh, if only it were that simple and ... Read More »