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Yoga For All in Fall


As a mom, finding time for any sort of exercise can be next to impossible. Additionally, it has become incredibly easy to get discouraged when all of the fad diets, exercise programs, and supposed magic diet pills on the market prove to be flops. However, the tried and true exercise form of yoga has proven time and time again, and for the span of centuries, just how effective it is. This is a practice so effective, that even the most sought after celebrities have given yoga a go. And the wisdom and teachings behind many of Hollywood’s finely tuned physiques comes from none other than Mandy Ingber. Former actress turned yogi, yoga instructor and now author, Mandy gives great advice to all on life, fitness, and the importance of carving out time for yourself in this special interview. Read More »

How to Wipe Out Wrinkles for Good

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With modern-day medical conveniences, it’s easy to book an appointment for a quick injection to prevent or remove wrinkles in the most obvious of places. A little Botox here, a little Botox there, and voila! you’re looking a few years younger in no time. Granted, you’ve just paralyzed your facial muscles and decreased your chances of making normal emotional expressions, but hey, it’s worth it, right? Read More »



UrbanHalo founder and marathon running expert Jen Joas shares her personal tips for maintaining good running habits from practicing perseverance, to proper shoe styles, and to the dangers of overtraining. As you’re training for your next marathon, keep these tips in mind to conquer your goal and sprint past the finish line with a smile on your face! Read More »

Fitness Resolutions for Women


Are you one of the millions of women looking to lose weight or improve your health this New Year? Health and fitness related resolutions for women are always a popular lifestyle goal as the clock nears midnight. Hitting the gym and eating right is difficult to begin, but could have you dropping dress sizes in no time. Make your resolution a successful one by sticking to it and keeping the promise to yourself. Read More »