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Spring Cleaning Tips That’ll Rock Your World

With spring so close we can almost see lime green buds peeking out from the plants, it’s time to shake off winter lethargy! Since it’s still a bit icy out, there’s no better place to start your seasonal de-shelling than inside your home. Below are a few fantastic spring cleaning tips for spring cleaning, organized by problem area, that are eco-friendly, DIY, and (believe it or not) fun!

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Practice water conservation at home

This year, celebrate Earth Day by upgrading your home to be a place that also helps you conserve water and be a better environmental steward.

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Detoxify With A Party

Does BPA in plastic have you worried? Are you concerned about harmful chemicals in products like bug spray and baby wipes? You’re not alone!

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Where In The World Is Away?

After the Earth Day celebrations subside and you are back to normal routine, it is easy to fall back into not so earth friendly habits. Remember, it’s important to stay green year round and teach…

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Organic Love

Go Green In the Bedroom

Organic is the catchphrase of a generation. Most often, the term “organic” applies to our food. Sometimes it is there to certify fabrics or product ingredients, but rarely is it applied to our sex lives.

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Green Planet

Make Lunch Time Green

  We all know it’s important to teach your kids to eat their leafy greens but now there is another way for your kid to take a “green” lunch! We have heard them many of times;…

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Organic Foods

Organic Baby Food – Get the 411

  Let’s face it, kids are expensive. Most of us factored in college fees shortly after the positive pregnancy test, but add on the more immediate costs of things like diapers, wipes, clothes and daycare…

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