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Cozying Up with Winter Coats


In case you didn’t know, there’s more to be added to a stylish winter-weather wardrobe than just leather boots, knit stockings and infinity scarves. Once the weather dips below 50, it’s time to consider your stockpile of suitable outerwear – and coats in particular. Read More »

Honoring Every Day Heroes With a Helping Hand: StationKid Gives Back


Each day, we are privileged to be surrounded by heroes of all sorts. From the firemen racing to the scene of a blazing fire or to rescue a pesky kitten who has gotten stuck in a tree, to the police working diligently to keep criminals off the street and away from our livelihoods. Yes, the same police officer that issued that speeding ticket last week is still a hero! Sometimes however, the everyday heroes can’t keep all harms away, not even from their own families. Sometimes, heroes and their families find themselves swimming in debt from medical expenses. Finally, a hero has been established for the heroes. Read More »

Skin SOS!


Fashion Week (or Fashion Month as it’s called by many insiders) is the ultimate in glamour, but as any editor, model, blogger or fashion guru will tell you, it can also wreak havoc on your skin. Early mornings, late evenings, less than healthy meals – when you can find the time to eat at all, and makeup, makeup and more makeup can all leave their telltale marks at the end of the festivities. Renowned dermatologist and psychiatrist Dr. Amy Wechsler recommends you recover by treating your skin to a little R&R. Here, she shares her top tips to get you back to your old self in no time flat. Read More »

Bikini Basics 101


Who cares if its polka dotted, striped or floral, you just want the damn bikini to fit, right? If you’ve got the figure to don a two piece suit but aren’t sure which cut is right for you, fret not –there’s a bikini out there with your name on it…you just have to know the basics. Read More »

Kaftan Summer


Ladies, stop us if this starts to sound familiar: you began the New Year with goals and ambitions that revolved around losing those pesky extra pounds, and for a few weeks you were really on track. But it’s now the end of June and those bikinis and cut off shorts you’ve had your eye on are just a pipe dream. Yeah, we get that. But don’t settle for anything less than sexy this summer. If you aren’t in the best of shape, haven’t yet reached your desired goal weight, or simply want an elegant and relaxed look, there’s always a solution, and it’s called a kaftan. Read More »