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With the first week of spring finally upon is, it’s time to consider how to spend all of those vacation days you racked up over winter! If you’re like us, you’re planning your escape to an exotic, tropical destination where the days are hot and the drinks are cold. It’s time to dust off your suitcase, slide on your sandals and hit the road for some serious fun in the sun. Before saying goodbye to the snowpocalypse, say hello to these travel essentials before boarding the next plane out of Dodge. Read More »

AKA Mom’s Office Fashion Guide to St. Patrick’s Day


Tradition holds that if you are caught not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll get an obligatory pinch. And lucky for us all (eye roll), it just so happens that this glorious day of shenanigans and spirits (of the adult beverage kind) falls on a Tuesday this year – meaning wearing green to the office is most likely going to happen (double eye roll). Read More »

Wardrobe Redirect


As the New Year fast approaches, we can’t help but be excited for what 2015 will bring to the world of fashion. With heightened anticipation, we’ve challenged ourselves to take a good hard look into our closets and partake in a bit of early spring-cleaning, if you will! It’s time to make room for new trends and put some of that out-of-date apparel to rest. Here’s what we mean! Read More »

How to shop for Cyber Monday deals

Beautiful young woman shopping over internet

A new national Cyber Monday shopping survey from found that shoppers think Cyber Monday deals rank second best, just behind Black Friday deals. Everyone is looking for great deals this holiday season, but also think the convenience of being able to shop from home or the office is important. The infographic below reveals what Cyber Monday shoppers are planning to purchase, when they will shop and how they will save while checking off their holiday shopping list. Visit to compare and shop for all the top stores’ Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals in one money-saving resource. Read More »