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Top trends for a fall wardrobe update

The choices and trends can be staggering, but just because temperatures are falling doesn’t mean you need to drop a small fortune on a new wardrobe.

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The jet-set style gives women a fresh look this summer

Check out these tips on how to develop your own jet-set look from Janette Ewen, style expert for Pandora.

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Put Some Spring in Your Wardrobe!

Check out these bright new looks for Spring!

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30 Something Style

Build the perfect 30 something’s wardrobe with these fashion tips.

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One Item, Three Looks

There are very few people that are busier than the modern Mom. From work, to the kids’ events, and maybe even grabbing some drinks with the girls, Moms are constantly transitioning between their many roles. Don’t you wish that your fashion could do the same? This article is all about taking one versatile item and switching your accessories to help you create very different looks on the fly!

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Rosie Pope Philips Avent

Rosie Pope – A Mom in Manolo Blahnik’s

When most of us think about pregnancy it can seem scary, stressful, and definitely unglamorous! Next come the thoughts of being a Mom and trying to balance work, family, and everything else. Luckily, there is one woman who seems to have it all figured out and now she’s helping other women with their pregnancies.

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10 Pregnant Celebrities: Maternity Style Trends

It’s a Hollywood baby boom! And what better way to celebrate high-profile baby bumps than with funky fashions?! From Reese Witherspoon‘s breezy summer dresses, to Alyson Hannigan‘s casual chic statements, to Kristin Cavallari‘s effortless feminine…

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runway walk

From Runway to Real Life

Sometimes it seems like the fashion world has grown detached from the reality of day-to-day life. The key is to find a way to translate the trends from the runway into wearable style that works for you…

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