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Let’s face it: majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Even more shocking is the fact that many of us know our bra is too big (or small). It’s time to hang our ratty old bras up for good… giving us just the lift we need.

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Another Day, Another Handbag

Have you ever noticed that the right (or wrong) purse can completely change the flare of an outfit? Whether you’re look is bold and unapologetic or understated and timeless, learn how to let your handbag do the talking for you.

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Art You Wear

If you are from an urban area, there’s no way you can escape street art. This spontaneous and creative form of art is sometimes underappreciated, but online fashion retailer W Concept has put one street artist on center stage. Paul Richard, whose work can be seen on the sidewalks of Lower Manhattan and areas in Brooklyn, has teamed up with the site and recreated his art on t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. These abstract pieces are intriguing among the city streets, but will look even better hanging in your closet! Who knew looking chic could be so… easy?

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Spring Cleaning Tips That’ll Rock Your World

With spring so close we can almost see lime green buds peeking out from the plants, it’s time to shake off winter lethargy! Since it’s still a bit icy out, there’s no better place to start your seasonal de-shelling than inside your home. Below are a few fantastic spring cleaning tips for spring cleaning, organized by problem area, that are eco-friendly, DIY, and (believe it or not) fun!

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5 Tips to Finding a Great Winter Coat

Coats are a year round staple in San Francisco. Depending on the fabric weight, cut and color, you can find yourself wearing a coat in any of the Bay Area’s four seasons.

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Closet Organization 101

Smart, easy ways to tackle your child’s closet!

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The Perfect Switch

Every woman has at least once experienced the age-old dilemma of a closet, completely full, with “nothing to wear”. When your favorite pieces lose their appeal, wouldn’t it be ideal to trade them for a fashion staple you’ve longed for? Get ready to clean your closet because with, you can. Simply put: Swapdom is perfect for any fashionista, especially one on a budget.

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Putting Your Best Footwear Forward this Winter Season

By now you’ve put away your beloved sneakers, your tattered flats, and your sun-soaked sandals (except for Floridians, of course). It might be a struggle for you to part with your fall favorites, but with the changing of the weather inevitably comes the changing of our footwear. And while most find this time as an excuse to purchase the latest and greatest in fashion-forward designs, be sure to follow our guide to fun and functional kicks for the whole family this winter season.

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