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Baby it’s cold outside and we still have months of cold weather ahead of us! Keep your little one warm, comfortable and healthy during these cold weather months with cozy and practical items from, Prince Lionheart, Feltman Brothers, The Ollie Swaddle and Read More »

Your Child Refuses to Kiss Or Hug Great Grandma, Now What?


As parents, we are responsible for teaching kids how to be affectionate, at the same time we need to keep them safe. Kids often use intuition as a gauge to determine who they like or don’t like. Parents need to pay attention to their kids’ reaction when meeting new adults and discern how to handle situations when kids don’t feel comfortable showing or receiving affection among family and friends. Read More »

10 Tips to keep your kids safe this winter


Winter is a fun time to play outdoors with the kids, but it’s important to be aware of the temperature and wind chill to prevent hypothermia from setting in. Taking proper precautions for the colder weather is paramount to keeping your family healthy this year. Below you’ll find 10 tips for keeping your kids safe this winter. Read More »

Revamping the Meaning of New Year’s Resolutions!


It’s certainly the time of the year that most of us either love or hate. And I don’t mean the war between the holiday humbugs and eager elves. What I’m referring to is that time of the season that we lovingly refer to as New Year’s. What’s more, I’m referring to the promises we make during this time of the year, promises that can be at once outlandish - toning our bodies to look exactly as they did back in high school - and questionably trivial. That’s right: this is the time of year that we look back and, in doing so, begin to make all of our New Year’s Resolutions! Read More »

Priceless Gifts from a Mother to Her Unborn Child


The most cherished gifts a mother can give to her unborn child aren’t found in the store; they don’t come wrapped in blue or pink ribbon, and they don’t have a hefty price tag. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, worry and hope that comes along with pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. And while those 9 months pass before your eyes, you’ve managed to create a new life worthy of more than just a plush crib and overpriced onesies. Read More »

Teaching Our Children The Meaning of Christmas


Santa, reindeer and elves. Lights, decorations and presents. It’s easy for children to get wrapped up in the hype of Christmas. Sometimes even us parents do. And it’s hard not to as the holiday continues to become more and more commercialized. We can’t even finish Thanksgiving before it all starts, after all. Read More »