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Painting Our Children’s Bright Futures through Music/Arts Programs


In the 1989 film, “Dead Poet’s Society,” a remarkable professor played by the equally remarkable, recently deceased Robin Williams, lights a fire under the traditional school curriculum with his passion for the written word—for poetry, his labor of love. By doing so, Williams’s character not only engages his students in the arts at a time when their school finds no need for the arts, his character instills into his students the benefits of the arts and just how extraordinary life can be with cultural and creative outlets at one’s fingertips. Read More »

Crowdfund Your Way To Parenthood and Beyond


Ever heard of ‘crowdfunding’? It’s a social way to raise money online so that you can tap into your social network to reach more people and raise more money. You can literally use it to raise money for anything from school, charitable and religious fundraising, to raising money for friends in need. Deposit a Gift, an easy-to-use platform for both personal and organizational fundraising, makes it simple to create, give and share campaigns. Read More »

Postpartum Taboo Topics 101: NICU


Giving birth to a child goes hand in hand with a plethora of expectations. New parents anticipate being able to immediately hold this new life that has been growing for a solid nine months. They look forward to that first cry, that terribly sticky meconium diaper and the constant rousing of a wiggly newborn. Unfortunately for some, these scenes are experienced only in their imagination. Often for reasons unknown, mothers all over the world have these precious moments stripped from them following a premature labor or sick baby requiring a stay in the often unmentioned NICU. Read More »

Bilingual Baby


By Dana DeMercurio When is the best time to teach your child a foreign language? What if we told you it was before he was even born? According to MultilingualChildren.Org, new technology has allowed researchers to determine that infants in the womb acquire fundamental verbal skills even before uttering their first word. Behavioral and neurological researches alike have found that ... Read More »

How Dads Can Support Moms In the Delivery Room


By Jennifer Chung, Expectant moms are filled with excitement throughout their pregnancy. Most first time moms don’t quite know what to ask during labor and delivery. They rely heavily on their birth coach or the new dad to be to get them through the experience. Here are a few ways that dads can support mom in the delivery room. Provide ... Read More »