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Party Candles on a Slice of Birthday Cake

Creative & Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrating your children’s birthdays is a wonderful experience, but many parents dread the kid-filled parties. If the thought of planning and executing your children’s birthday parties fills you with panic, it’s time to stop fearing the party! Most parents feel they need to plan a big, expensive party somewhere like an inflatables spot or worry what they’ll do to entertain the party goers in their own home. You can throw a simple, affordable, and fun party for your kids with a little bit of creativity and DIY.

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5 Tips to Teach Toddlers to Share

As babies grow into toddlerhood they pass through many developmental milestones. Learning to share is one of them. Sharing, just like everything else up to this point, is a practiced skill. Kids aren’t intentionally being selfish when they don’t want to share, they are simply acting their age developmentally. So, don’t be embarrassed when your two year old grabs a toy and shouts “MINE”, simply turn it into a teachable moment.

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Baby Proofing 101

As parents, we all look forward to the day our baby starts crawling and then walking. It’s such an exciting time. But the minute your baby becomes mobile, it’s time to begin the process of baby proofing your home. Baby proofing your home is essential to keeping your baby safe. Be prepared to baby proof the nursery, bathroom, kitchen, stairs, fireplace, and any furniture that could harm your child. You can even hire a professional child proofer to do the job for you. After 7 kids, I’ve done a lot of baby proofing as a parent. Here are a few tips to help you in the process.

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Which Summer Care Option Works Best for You?

Here are some summer care ideas – with best practices for organizing them all in place.

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How Much to Pay a Babysitter?

Here are some tips on what to pay your sitter – so you can enjoy dating again (even with mom friends) without breaking your budget.

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7 Ways To Help Kids Unplug From Technology

Our lives feel busier than ever – cell phones, tablets and laptops can certainly help us be more efficient, but they can also make us feel like we need to be accessible to everyone all the time. Kids are introduced to technology at a younger age than ever before. Is technology a good thing or a bad thing when it comes to raising our kids? Here are some tips to help parents find balance and set some boundaries around screen time.

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Avoid the Mid-Winter Blues

It’s usually during the month of February when you start to feel those mid-winter blues; the kids start to go a little stir-crazy and you feel a case of cabin fever coming on fast. Well, I’m here to help you avoid the mid-winter blues and to embrace the remainder of winter – with your whole family.

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5 Parenting Changes You Can Make This Year

Don’t you wish your child came with a manual? Parenting is an ever evolving game of trial and error. Adjusting your parenting style to work with your child’s bent is essential for positive parenting practices. That’s why I developed five positive parenting changes that allow me to focus on my relationship with my son vs. on all the other stuff that can often seem oh so important. Join me and commit to making a few positive adjustments to your parenting strategy like embracing the chaos and living in the moment.

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