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Postpartum Taboo Topics 101: NICU


Giving birth to a child goes hand in hand with a plethora of expectations. New parents anticipate being able to immediately hold this new life that has been growing for a solid nine months. They look forward to that first cry, that terribly sticky meconium diaper and the constant rousing of a wiggly newborn. Unfortunately for some, these scenes are experienced only in their imagination. Often for reasons unknown, mothers all over the world have these precious moments stripped from them following a premature labor or sick baby requiring a stay in the often unmentioned NICU. Read More »

Bilingual Baby


By Dana DeMercurio When is the best time to teach your child a foreign language? What if we told you it was before he was even born? According to MultilingualChildren.Org, new technology has allowed researchers to determine that infants in the womb acquire fundamental verbal skills even before uttering their first word. Behavioral and neurological researches alike have found that ... Read More »

How Dads Can Support Moms In the Delivery Room


By Jennifer Chung, Expectant moms are filled with excitement throughout their pregnancy. Most first time moms don’t quite know what to ask during labor and delivery. They rely heavily on their birth coach or the new dad to be to get them through the experience. Here are a few ways that dads can support mom in the delivery room. Provide ... Read More »

Tips For A Stress-Free Transition From Summer To School Time


Summertime is filled with memory making opportunities. Time spent at the beach, picnics in the mountains, and traveling to visit out-of-town family and friends can cause us to forget the responsibilities and routines that await us in the fall. Summer ends all too soon and getting families ready for the school year is an essential part to the end of summer. Read More »

It’s Back to School Time


It’s that time of year again! Summer is coming to an end, and the first day of school seems closer than ever. I’m here to let you know there are things you can do now, prior to the first day of school, that’ll help your child be more prepared for the new school year. Read More »

Just Breath and Curse: A Survivor’s Recount of Natural Childbirth


Giving birth is terrifying. It’s messy, uncomfortable and any shred of dignity you had left when you waddled into labor and delivery is gone as more strangers have seen your vagina and poked at your cervix than you care to divulge. As though any of that weren’t enough, it HURTS. Not like an “ouch I stubbed my toe” kind of hurt. This is an “I am going to have to push a watermelon out of my body” kind of hurt. In the end the pain is worth it of course as without the mess there wouldn’t be a beautiful baby to coo over. Read More »

What to do When Your Child Misses Mom (or Dad)

divorcedparents_missing parent

When you are a divorced parent, you’re undoubtedly going to run into tricky situations from time to time. Often, children will miss the other parent in-between visits, and when this happens you’ll need to have a plan and know what to do to ease the transition and comfort your child. I’ve put together three tips that’ll help you do just that. Read More »