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Teaching Our Children The Meaning of Christmas


Santa, reindeer and elves. Lights, decorations and presents. It’s easy for children to get wrapped up in the hype of Christmas. Sometimes even us parents do. And it’s hard not to as the holiday continues to become more and more commercialized. We can’t even finish Thanksgiving before it all starts, after all. Read More »

Make it personal! Holiday gifts with their name all over it!


This Christmas give your kid’s gifts made especially for them! Personalization is a huge trend right now and you can get everything from toys to totes.  Check out these hot holiday gift ideas! I See Me! Personalized Children’s Books I See Me creates personalized children’s books with stories as unique as the child.  Not only is your child’s name mentioned throughout the story but ... Read More »

The Do’s and Don’ts of Creating Your Baby’s Nursery


Baby’s coming home from the hospital soon and into his or her new home – but is the nursery ready to receive your new bundle of joy? Organizing your new baby’s first space in your home can be a very exciting time and it can also be very overwhelming. Many of your first thoughts will be around colors and themes but when your baby arrives it will much more concerned with the functionality of the room. Here are some simple tips will make your baby’s nursery practical, safe and functional and still beautifully designed. Read More »

Easy Winter Crafts for Cold Winter Days


The countdown is on until Winter Break for kids everywhere. Although the kids are thrilled about 2 weeks off from school, it will only be a matter of time until you start hearing the words “I’m bored!” Don’t panic parents—I’ve got plenty of fun ideas for you to keep things interesting for the kiddos during Winter Break and beyond. And the best part is all the projects are easy and for kids of all ages. Read More »

Teach Kids About Different Holidays


The holidays are a time for family to come together to celebrate tradition and to learn the reason for the season. While Christmas and Hanukkah tend to be to be the dominant winter holidays in American culture, December is a month with several other holidays, too. Teaching your children about how different cultures and religions celebrate these holidays can do wonders for their ability to respect other cultures and expand their worldview. Read More »

Winter Celebrations with Style


The holiday season is here and it is the time of year to celebrate your blessings with all of the special people in your life. Whether you are planning a holiday party with your besties, a small but fancy dinner with family, or a celebration that includes anyone and everyone, there are a few tips that will take the stress out of planning the fantastic, memorable event you’re dreaming about… because the real point of the holidays is truly enjoying the time with your loved ones. Read More »

How to Make It Work When Both Parents Work


Raising healthy well-adjusted kids takes a lot of energy. Working parents can feel like they are being pulled in multiple directions simultaneously which can be stressful and have an adverse impact on kids. Whether you are a single parent or a dual income family, balancing family and career can be challenging. Check out these family friendly tips to bring structure to a fragmented lifestyle. Read More »

7 Fun Ways to Teach Kids about Thanksgiving


Though kids may view Thanksgiving as the first stop on the school holiday vacation train, there's a lot more for them to know about it than simply no class, stuffed turkey and whipped cream-topped pumpkin pie. Considering Thanksgiving is one of the only holidays in which children can learn about sharing, community, gratitude and compassion for others, it's important to take the time to talk about its meaning. Read More »