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Nancy O’Dell: Reporting, Writing, Mom, Oh My!

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Nancy O’Dell is… UNSTOPPABLE! Not only is this beauty co-hosting America’s top rated entertainment news programs, she is also mom, step-mom, wife and successful book writer. But despite her demanding career she still manages to make sure her family is put first. In this exclusive interview Nancy tells us all about how she manages to juggle all of her life’s commitments and what led her to become a bestselling writer! Read More »

Brooke Burns: Chasing the Dream!

The Chase - season 4 (1)

By Samantha McConnell Brooke Burns has been a beauty in the public’s eye for nearly twenty years, and she still continues to shine! Her entrance into the modeling world eventually landed her a spot on the forever popular Baywatch where she stole our hearts for three years. But in more recent years, the tides have ceased and Brooke has ventured ... Read More »

BABY! It’s Jessie James Decker

JJD - Baby! It's Christmas HIGH RES

More than just a drop-dead gorgeous country singer with a hunky NFL husband, Jessie James Decker is also down-to-earth and hilarious. Add this to her repertoire of involvement in charity foundations she and her husband have started, and we have ourselves a genuinely respectable celebrity of interest. What is even better? She is a new MOM too! In this exclusive interview, we get Mrs. Decker to tell us all about her new adventures as a mom as well as her where we can watch for her soon! Read More »

Modern Family’s Modern Mom: Julie Bowen


Modern Family has become hugely popular by playing on the “dysfunctions” of what is today’s version of a modern family. At the center of the not-so-exaggerated family is the beautiful and hilarious Julie Bowen of whom may be remembered as the love interest opposite Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore and wife to Kevin Spacey’s character in Horrible Bosses. Now we can expect to see her even more as she has been picked up for the second time as a Neutrogena model. When she isn’t being hilarious and beautiful onscreen, she is being even more hilarious and beautiful off-screen! In this exclusive interview, Julie Bowen offers her own tips on staying sane with three boys, staying gorgeous with Neutrogena and the importance of giving back. Read More »