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Legends of the Fall


Dr. Amy Wechsler Debunks Common Seasonal Skincare Myths As the temperatures shift and leaves start to change, women everywhere prepare to usher in autumn. With the new season also comes a revamped beauty routine, but how much of what we change is really necessary? Enter Dr. Amy Wechsler, renowned dermatologist and psychiatrist specializing in the mind-beauty connection, who helps to ... Read More »

Fenugreek: The “New” Ancient Seed


If there were a natural herb to enhance your feminine allure, would you pursue it? An ancient seed, commonly used medicinally in Mediterranean regions of the world, holds many components that have been proven to escalate women’s health and beauty. Fenugreek, originally grown in Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Asia, has now spread to the U.S. due to it’s history of euphoric affects on the human body. Read More »

Skin Care Alphabet


We all learned the alphabet back in pre-school, but did you know there is another that you may want to memorize? Renowned dermatologist and psychologist specializing in the mind-beauty connection, Dr. Amy Wechsler, has reinvented key letters of the alphabet with things you should consider, consume and keep in mind throughout your day, leaving your skin and mood in tip top shape. Read More »

Is Your Cooking Causing You to Age Faster?


There are a thousand different things in the world that accelerate the aging process, from tanning to smoking, too much stress, skipping out on sleep, and everything in between. Now it’s time to open your eyes to another way aging may be sneaking up on you quicker than you want, and it lives in your kitchen. Many foods and cooking methods contain and/or produce nasty compounds that can lead to an extra wrinkle, or even worse, a disease driven from inflammation - and they are literally called AGE’s. Read More »

8 Beauty Hacks for Every Mom


Before wasting precious time and money on the latest beauty products that often don’t live up to their hype, rely instead on everyday household items to get the job done. Peruse our list of beauty hacks using unconventional products that are lying around your house for instant results. Read More »