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Learning How to Love Your Body


It’s not always easy to look in the mirror and smile back at your reflection, especially when 10, 20 or even 30 pounds have (re)introduced themselves to your hips, thighs, breasts and butt. And thanks to celebrities and models on social media, television and fashion magazines, feeling inadequate can be a daily struggle for even the most in-shape women. Finding reasons to love your body is a real and constant struggle for millions of women worldwide, and it’s not always a topic that’s easy to talk about. Don’t let outward appearance rob you of all the good inside of you, ladies. There’s more to life than perky boobs, a round butt and flat stomach with a six-pack of abs. Read More »

How to Pull Off Salon-Style Hair at Home


There’s nothing quite like a leisurely trip to the salon for a new ‘do, am I right ladies? The shine, the bounce – it’s a glorious thing to behold! But as much as we all love that straight-from-the-chair look, it’s not always feasible for busy moms (not to mention the often hefty price tag). Think you can’t mimic that same professional styling from the comfort of your own home? Think again. Read More »

“A Mess of Metallics” Trend Report!


Once thought to be tacky and flashy, metallics have now evolved into a street style staple (and we wouldn’t want it any other way). Metallics are such a great way to play with any outfit because you have the flexibility to add a subtle hint of glam or build up to an adventurous head to toe look. From nail polish ... Read More »

How to Look Wide Awake on No Sleep


We’ve all experienced a night’s sleep that wasn’t exactly “heavenly peace”. Perhaps the stress of your new job kept you tossing and turning all night. Maybe your allergies finally got the best of you, leaving you restless despite the nine hours you spent in bed. Either way you’re left with the same result: tired, puffy eyes and deep, dark under eye circles that seem impossible to mask. Read More »

Get Perfect Beach Hair Without the Beach


Sometimes it seems likes hair has a mind of its own. On the days you want to style your long hair into a sleek ponytail your hair refuses to be anything but frizzy. Maybe you cut your hair into a new short ‘do only to discover you have no idea how to style it. Either way, you’re stuck in a hair rut and you need a way out. Read More »