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The Key to a Bikini-Ready Body

The Key to a Bikini-Ready Body

By Brenna Robinson

The sun is out and the temperature is rising, prompting me to reach deep in my closet to pull out my shorts, tank tops, and…..bikinis. We all dread the moment when that tiny little swimsuit is staring back at us with criticism. So this is the time of year that we begin our annual slim down for destination beach body. This year it may be a little easier to accomplish with the help of Leptiburn from Biotrust.

The makers of Biotrust have done their research and gotten down to the root of the weight loss enigma. They have put their scientific minds together to produce a weight loss supplement that actually works to restore balance to your body, helping you lose weight.  You may be asking how this is possible and what makes this supplement different from the others on the market.


The hormone Leptin is the key to this supplement’s success. Leptin is a hormone that plays two roles in the body. First, it signals your brain to say how much to eat and when to stop eating and second it stimulates fat burning.  Many people that are overweight have what is known as leptin resistance. This occurs when the hormone is not reaching the target receptors to inform the brain that you have had enough food, failing to give you that satiated feeling and failing to stimulate fat tissue to burn energy. This can hamper your weight loss efforts, so Biotrust went to work for you to create a supplement that will target this problem.

LeptiBurn was born out of scientific fact through excessive research to bring you the most effective ingredients that have been shown to increase leptin production and sensitivity. Let’s break down what’s packed into the blend.

Irvingia Gabonesis: Has been found to support leptin sensitivity by inhibiting the chemical C-reactive protein that has been known to lead to leptin resistance.

Oleanolic Acid: This compound comes from olive tree leaves and has been shown to increase leptin production.

Modifilan: Seaweed extract has been linked to an increase in leptin production by stimulating an increase of TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone.

Panax Notoginseng: A Chinese herb that has been shown to provide unique metabolic properties by increasing leptin sensitivity.

Combination of Yerbe Mate and Green Tea: We have all heard of the amazing effects that these ingredients have on fat loss by increasing metabolism and fatty acid mobilization as well as providing energy and alertness.

The combination of these ingredients packs a punch to your fat cells. LeptiBurn is priced at $69.00 and the makers of Biotrust give you discounts when purchasing more than one bottle. This is a steal if you compare buying each of these ingredients separately. Also, Biotrust offers a 1 year money back guarantee! We love that! LepitBurn is not a “magic pill” as the Biotrust reminds us but it can help our body restore balance.  Beach season is here and thanks to LeptiBurn you will be ready to sport that seemingly tiny bikini with confidence.