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The Return of the Waistline!

The Return of the Waistline!

By Ilaria Jones

Admit it: some days you long for that pre-baby waistline. The recent trend of “corset shaping and dieting” has corsets on the comeback. offers corsets and clinchers that allow your perfectly shaped hourglass figure to safely and comfortably be accomplished in seconds. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of instant gratification?

In addition to necessary dietary changes, corset dieting can encourage a smaller waistline without the risks and dangers of surgery. While on this diet, you will notice increased poise and improved posture. Just as with any other diet, it is important to also consider the hazards of corset dieting with improper usage. Restricted breathing, rib shifting, and internal and external bruising can all be possible side effects, so practicing responsible dieting habits is essential to changing your body in a healthy way.

Finding the Right Corset for You –

No one wants to spend over $100 to ultimately end up feeling frustrated and dissatisfied. Luckily, finding a corset that works for you doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. With a mission to promote self-esteem and a positive body image, not only sells corsets and clinchers that are quality, they also help sustain weight loss, improve posture, and boost overall confidence. With products as low as $40, the best attribute may be the affordability but testimonials boast about consistency, variety, and reliable customer service. Additionally, the shipping for exchanges and returns is free and the overall policy is reasonable and efficient. The corsets not only instantly make you look at feel better, they also contribute to weight loss and have been known to eliminate back pains. 

AMIA Almighty Clincher


This clincher is perfect for instantly transforming post-baby bellies. It’s frontal hooking allows you to easily get in and out and gives your waistline the appearance of a 1, 2, and sometimes even 3 size reduction. Repeated usage can lead to a sustained reduction of up to 4 inches. Results also include reduced back pain, a boost of thermal activity, a firmed midsection, and a lifted bust.

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