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How to Steam Clean Your Face


The holidays are officially over which means the inevitable self-deprecation and guilt tripping may now commence. Perhaps you’ve over-indulged with decadent holiday desserts, or maybe you’ve treated yourself to a few too many cocktails (heavy on the booze, light on the mixers). Regardless of whichever way you put a dent in your digestive tract and major internal organs this December, remember that what goes in must come out. Read More »

Keep Skin Healthy & Glowing During the Holidays…and Into the New Year

Rodan + Fields

Too little sleep, too much rich/salty food, too many parties to attend, and a way too long to-do list…The holiday season, coupled with the harsh winter environment, can quickly take a toll on skin leaving it dull, dry, chapped and looking gloomy. Dr. Katie Rodan + Dr. Kathy Fields, skincare experts and co-developers of Rodan + Fields discuss some holiday skincare culprits and offer advice on how to keep your skin looking its best. Read More »

2014: The Year in Review

Portrait of attractive young adult woman

Every January countless American’s look forward to the New Year and the idea of a fresh start, however to fully appreciate the beginning it is imperative that we not only look forward but also look back. “2014 brought us some of the most exciting innovations and developments in beauty and skincare,” says Dr. Amy Wechsler, renowned dermatologist and psychiatrist specializing in the mind-beauty connection. Here, she shares some of her thoughts on the biggest breakthroughs of the past year. Read More »

Wrinkle-busting skin care tips for boomer women


Time brings plenty of changes, yet the desire to have healthy, good-looking skin transcends age. While some skin-care tactics – sunscreen and moisturizing – apply to skin of any age, baby boomers need to update their skin care and makeup strategies to ensure their skin stays healthy and youthful-looking as long as possible. Read More »

Loving Your Postpartum Bod


One of the hardest aspects of motherhood is the acceptance that life will never fully be the same. Some women survive the ordeal with their pre-baby body intact, while others end up feeling “ugly” from the drastic changes that come with birth and breastfeeding. Read More »