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The Next Step for Tired Eyes

The Next Step for Tired Eyes


Occasionally we look in the mirror and don’t recognize the eyes staring back at us. It is unavoidable that as we age our eyes are often the first things to reflect that. Sometimes even after the wrinkle creams and layers of the latest and greatest make up we still aren’t experiencing the results that we want. Although one option is to embrace each line for the life experience that it represents, for some people that is easier said than done. If you find yourself too busy worrying about your tired eyes to enjoy life or are hiding behind sunglasses at all times, you do have some other options. AKA Mom sat down with Dr. Mark A. Clymer to discuss some of them.

Dr. Clymer, who practices out of Nashville, TN, is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who offers both invasive and non-invasive solutions to a variety of different cosmetic issues. Since Dr. Clymer specializes in treatments that appear so natural that no one would ever guess that you had any procedures done, we thought he would be the perfect person to talk to about one of women’s biggest complaints, their tired eyes. “It is not a one-solution-fits-all type of problem, Dr. Clymer explains, “there are a wide range of causes and six different physical scenarios that can be happening to create what people think of as old or tired eyes. Two of the most common, and easily fixed, are a loss of volume around the eyes that creates a sallow look and wrinkles or lines around your eyes”. These conditions are often caused by excessive sun exposure, stress, heredity and aging.

The first procedure that we discussed was Restylane™. According to Dr. Clymer, a good candidate for Restylane™ is someone who has, over time, seen a loss of volume beneath their skin. Often these patients report being regularly asked if they are tired when they are not. “Restylane is a simple injection procedure that takes less than a day to recover from, Dr. Clymer says, you will be ready to return to work the next morning”. Although you will see some results immediately, the full effect is seen after about two days and last for as long as a year. Your coworkers will have no idea, but don’t be surprised if they ask how you got such a great nights sleep! Results include fuller, awake-looking eyes and a lot of compliments!

AKA MOM Left Before        AKA MOM Left After

Before Restylane™ and Dysport™                  After Restylane™ and Dysport

The second procedure, Dysport™, can treat your wrinkles over your lunch break. Talk about a power lunch!  For the women who fret over the fine lines and “crows feet” Dr. Clymer recommends this procedure. This is another injection type procedure but instead of a filler, like Restylane, it is a muscle relaxant. Dr. Clymer explains that with only one treatment of Dysport you will see dramatic results almost immediately that last 3-6 months, with virtually no recovery time needed. This is a great next step for women who feel that creams aren’t cutting it, but they aren’t ready for anything invasive. 

As parting advice to anyone who may be considering a cosmetic procedure, be sure to find a reputable doctor that specializes in producing natural looking results. Dr. Clymer advised it best when he said that he is in the business of putting himself out of business since no one can ever tell that his clients have had procedures done, they just look like they went on a fabulously relaxing vacation!  


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