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The Guide to a Natural Summer Glow

The Guide to a Natural Summer Glow

Beachy, wavy hair and natural summer glow is a style that will never die, especially in the summer. While, for the lucky ones, the waves come naturally, some of us need a bit more work to achieve this laid back look.  

Introducing ForStyler Hair ProfessionalTony Odisho and Olie Biologique, three of my clients that understand what is necessary to protect, style and revolutionize hair and skin while remaining simple and affordable.

ForStyler, Tony Odisho and Olie Biologique work hand in hand to offer the very best to the beauty market. While ForStyler is known for being an innovative, high performance line of hair appliances, Tony Odisho is known for his contributions to large brands like L’Oreal Professionel and the beauty industry as a whole. For skincare, Olie is the ultimate indulgence, utilizing five pure and organic oils.

The hot trend of the moment is shoulder-length hair and long bobs with textured waves, it’s a look that screams “Southern California”. The good news is you can get this look yourself without leaving your bathroom.

Step 1: Start with the right shampoo and conditioner. I would suggest The Tony Odisho Ostia Collection Volumizing Shampoo ($44) and Conditioner ($56). The shampoo is extra gentle, cleansing your hair without compromising your natural color or any chemical treatments while the conditioner is packed with keratin protein and sunflower extract to strengthen, moisturize and add volume to your hair.

Tony Odisho Shampoo   Tony Odisho Condition

Step 2: Equally apply The Tony Odisho Ostia Collection Volumizing Mousse ($20) to freshly-washed, towel-dried hair, comb and part in four. The lightweight foam locks in volume without a sticky or stiff feeling, and provide ultimate heat protection.

Tony Odisho Mousse

Step 3: Find the right blow dryer and dry roots only.

Here comes the fun part. ForStyler Hair Professionals have created the answer to your beach wave prayers: the Hair Twister ($39.99) . This innovative, damage-free curler styles and dries your hair simultaneously.  All you need is a dryer and a Twister to achieve fabulous results. I would recommend the Heat Revolution Ionic 6000 dryer ($159). Complete with a ceramic coated grill, this dryer prevents harmful damage to hair using negative ions to help reduce drying time while infusing moisture into strands.

Hair Twister  BlowDryer

Step 4: Attach twister to blower, change direction of valve as desired and curl away. Click here  to view Hair Twister Tutorials.

What is great about the twister is its simplicity. This product can easily be used by professionals and consumers alike.

Step 5: Finger comb hair from tip to root to set the waves.

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The Ultimate Oil Collection uses five pure, potent and precious organic oil blends nestled together in one luxurious set. Inside this limited edition ultimate oil collection you’ll find their bestselling Rejuvenating, Calming, Shaving and 100% pure organic Argan oils. Plus, it holds a special preview of Olie Biologique’s NEW 001 Huile Parfaite Balancing Face Oil, a carefully curated blend that includes ultra-healing Sacha Inchi and Baobab oils. These are the everyday essentials you need for radiant skin and lustrous hair.

Ultimate Oil Collection

What’s Included:

  • NEW 001 Huile Parfaite Balancing Face Oil (5 ml e 0.17 fl. oz.) –Their new Everyday Airbrusher instantly smooths away lines for an even-toned luminous complexion.
  • 005 Huile Radicale Rejuvenating Oil ( 5 ml e 0.17 fl. oz.) – Nature’s plumper and parched skin quencher restores radiance to dry, dull or damaged skin.
  • 006 Huile Claire Calming Oil (5 ml e 0.17 fl. oz.) – The Soothsayer calms skin sensitivities, soothes redness and helps heal skin woes.
  • 100% Pure USDA Certified Organic Argan Oil (7 ml e 0.24 fl. oz.) – This multi-tasking powerhouse hydrates and nourishes your skin, hair, body and nails.
  • All Natural Whisker Pre & Post Shaving Oil (7 ml e 0.24 fl. oz.) – No more nicks, cuts or razor burn with this oil blend that keeps skin young and healthy too!

All of our skincare oil blends are 100% natural with no parabens, synthetic colors or artificial fragrances, and no animal testing.

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