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Breaking the Curse of Adult Acne

Breaking the Curse of Adult Acne

By Dana DeMercurio

A few things we loved about being 14 years old include boy bands, sleepovers and school dances. Acne, not so much.

If your arch nemesis (aka acne) hasn’t gotten the memo that being 35 plus years old should be an automatic “get out of acne issues free card,” then it’s time to get serious about a solution.

Enter Dr. Eric Schweiger. This NYC-based dermatologist and acne expert has perfected an acne treatment at Clear Clinic Laboratories designed specifically for adults aged 33 plus.

The Clear Clinic Acne + Aging Clear Kit is a daily acne care regimen consisting of a cleanser, moisturizer, morning serum and evening treatment pads. This targeted treatment provides a gentle remedy for acne without drying out your skin or causing irritation.

“The difference between adult acne and teenage acne is how you treat it. Adults often have dry skin, so you have to pick medicines that don’t over dry,” Schweigher said in an interview on CBS’ talk show ‘The Couch.’

But the kit isn’t the only way to help care for your acne.  When you become a client of Clear Clinic Labs, you’ll be assigned a Certified Acne Advisor who will help guide your journey to an acne-free life.  These licensed skincare experts are available via email to answer any treatment questions you might have, and provide valuable advice on acne solutions and prevention. Clients also benefit from using video chat once a month to speak to their acne advisor for additional support and guidance.

For women with truly stubborn acne, Clear Clinic Labs has developed over 19 skincare products, so being limited to the kit isn’t an issue.  Clients are free to choose acne or anti-aging products that will work best for their skin type.

To learn more about Dr. Eric Schweiger, Clear Clinic Labs and the Clear Clinic Acne + Aging Clear Kit, visit