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Beauty Flash!  Dr. Amy Wechsler Weighs In on Cool Cucumber: Skin’s Best Friend

Beauty Flash! Dr. Amy Wechsler Weighs In on Cool Cucumber: Skin’s Best Friend

Looking for an added daily defense against sun and free radicals? Want to treat puffy eyes? Hoping to soothe visible redness or irritation? These skin issues are not uncommon, but according to renowned New York City dermatologist and psychiatrist, Dr. Amy Wechsler, the solution for all may be as close as your kitchen! “Cucumbers are not only low in calories, but are filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can feed your complexion inside and out,” Dr. Wechsler says.

Here’s how:

  • Hiding the evidence of a late night…

Out too late? Or working too hard? Perhaps the baby didn’t get enough sleep and as a result neither did you? No matter the reason, lack of sleep can lead to puffy eyes, which are unsightly and at times uncomfortable. Reach for a refrigerated and sliced cucumber. Place the rounds over your eye socket, where they will act like little ice-packs and relieve puffy lids. One reason: cucumbers are 90% water which helps them to stay cool even in warm spots. This will minimize swelling by constricting the blood and lymph vessels that bring fluid to the eye area.

  • Soothing sunburns (or other irritations)…

The cucumber is full of natural anti-inflammatories that will help to calm and soothe red and irritated skin. Place thin slices on the butterfly region of your face and lie down for 15 minutes. After time is up, remove the slices and apply a light moisturizer.

  • Providing an added layer of protection…

Cucumbers contain vitamin C and caffeic acid, two antioxidants that, when applied to skin, help fend off wrinkles, sun damage and more. Vitamin C helps to build collagen and elastin while caffeic acid inhibits cancer cells and protects skin exposed to UV radiation. Try a soothing cucumber mask at home to give your skin a boost. Barely puree half a cucumber and two tablespoons of plain yogurt making a thick mixture. Apply to your skin and relax for 15 minutes before rinsing away with warm water.

Super ingredients are developed all of the time in labs making your skincare better and better, but sometimes the greatest ingredients for super-skin have been around for centuries and can be found right in your own home.