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The Truth about Sleep and Your Skin


Do you remember the last time you got the doctor-recommended eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and woke up feeling refreshed, spry and perhaps looking younger than you did before turning out the lights the night before? Our guess is it’s been awhile. Read More »

The Good, The Bad and The Breakfast


When your morning routine involves not only preparing yourself for the day but your family as well it can make the mornings hectic and rushed. Sometimes it might even be hard to get your kids to eat breakfast and the easy way out is to just hand them a piece of toast or a glass of juice and rush out the door. However breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and making sure your children eat breakfast is not only vital for their health but it also affects their learning ability. Read More »

Tips for Having Two Under Two


Granted, it was a very short time that my oldest child was still one, however, he barely spoke, was still in diapers and was attached at my hip. So adding a new baby was not the easiest transition. While I still can’t promise they’ll be best friends for life, here are some tricks that worked as we eased our second baby into our daily lives. If you find yourself in the same situation, I hope they’ll work for you. Read More »

Gorgeous Views to Visit Before…Well, Just Because You Can!


There are many listsicles out there dedicated to countless must-see places and things to do before kicking the proverbial bucket. That being said, and though the end is certainly unavoidable, why not just make plans to visit a few of these places as a way of seeing new things, of walking a new path or the same one but in a different light? Why not visit with a sense of new beginnings rather than the overwhelming sense of any end. Read More »