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Rosie Pope – A Mom in Manolo Blahnik’s

Rosie Pope Philips Avent

When most of us think about pregnancy it can seem scary, stressful, and definitely unglamorous! Next come the thoughts of being a Mom and trying to balance work, family, and everything else. Luckily, there is one woman who seems to have it all figured out and now she’s helping other women with their pregnancies. Read More »

Dreaming of Dad


In my failure to be recognized as Time Magazine’s Father of the Year, I forgot two very important considerations. One, Time Magazine doesn’t confer such an award, and two, I was never nominated by my children. Read More »

Ice Cream Summer


I have it on pretty good authority—Wikipedia—that summer doesn’t start until June 20th. But for me, the first day of summer officially began on the first warm day I stood in line at The Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone. Read More »