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On the Path of Pregnancy and Birth Together

Audrey is a mother of two young boys. She’s 32 and works in a government department. Our lives have lots in common – family, work, friends. But in Tanzania, where she lives, being a mother comes with a whole different set of problems. Audrey’s greatest fear is to be pregnant or see her friends and loved ones pregnant. She almost ... Read More »

Keep your Treats Frozen… Not your Fingers!


 IceHuggy to the Rescue The hot summer weather is nearly upon us and kids everywhere are looking forward to freezy pop season. Soon there will be dripping ice pops all over your previously clean floors and kids’ clothes.  And like most moms, you’ve probably tried all types of icy treat holders and wasted rolls of paper towels in a futile ... Read More »

Go from Baby Bulge to Bikini Ready!

Woman Fitness

As a mother it is your challenging yet fulfilling duty to teach, protect and nourish your children. However, the world’s most important job can often times leave you so frazzled that the equally crucial task of taking care of yourself (and finally losing those pesky, lingering pregnancy-induced pounds!) can seem ultra-stressful and even impossible... Read More »

Why Saving Money Doesn’t Have To Be A Drag


The Money Pleasure Principle:  Why Saving Money Doesn’t Have To Be A Drag Any More.  (or, understanding the misunderstanding) When you get right down to it, our minds are built to seek pleasure and avoid pain.  So where does saving money fit into that?  It doesn’t.  That’s why we’re not any good at it.  Just look at the stats – ... Read More »


Saving Money

By Michael Weiss, Content Developer for Giving kids an allowance is a time honored tradition as old as, well, having them make their beds or set the dinner table.  But it turns out that for many of today’s families, the ritual of allowance giving can create a lot of stress and apprehension.  A recent field study by found ... Read More »

Does Your Toothbrush Have an App?


The average person brushes their teeth for only 46 seconds, but is 50% more likely to brush their teeth for a full 2 minutes by using just a simple timer.  Dentists agree that strong home oral care habits are a major factor in not only an individual’s oral health, but also their overall health.  In the age of digital medicine, ... Read More »

Best Spring Eats & Treats


Tie-Dye Fruity Cupcakes By: JELL-O Courtesy of Photo courtesy of JELL-O Prep Time:
20 Min Ready In:
1 Hr 15 Min Original Recipe Yield 24 servings Ingredients 1 package (2-layer size) white cake mix 1/4 cup JELL-O Lemon Flavor Gelatin 1/4 cup JELL-O Lime Flavor Gelatin 1/4 cup JELL-O Strawberry Flavor Gelatin 1 (16 ounce) can ready-to-spread vanilla frosting Directions Prepare ... Read More »

Earth Day Accessories

Earth Day

Show your Love for Mother Nature while Looking Fabulous! Big City Vegan – Vegan Pride iPhone 4 Slider Case Take a massive bite out of your carbon footprint by eating plants instead of animals. Being vegan is a way to show animals and Mother Earth some love. Talk, text and tweet while spreading an eco-friendly vegan message with this fun ... Read More »