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Travel London


By Shandley McMurray The trip is booked, the brolly is packed and the children are too excited to sleep. Now what? Whether you’re hoping to catch a glimpse of the Games or merely sip tea in closer proximity to the Queen, our local’s guide to London will tell you where to eat, sleep, play and shop in this year’s Olympic ... Read More »

Spring Cocktails and Mocktails


Does sitting on the patio sipping on a refreshingly fruity concoction while reading the latest issue of AKA Mom on your Kindle seem like an unreachable dream? Well it isn’t! Send the kids to grandma’s and throw on your most fabulous pair of shades… WINTER IS OVER BABY! If grandma is busy, your concoction can easily turn from “cocktail” to “mocktail” ... Read More »

New Zeltiq CoolSculpting Procedures

Try Cool Treatments For Hot Bodies! This is the perfect time to try a really cool treatment for a hot new body!  Dr. Scott Gerrish, Owner and Medical Director of Bellini Salon & MedEsthetics in Vienna, VA is one of the most experienced and respected doctors in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.  Dr. Gerrish leads a team of professionals in ... Read More »

How To Raise Emotionally Healthy Children


Meeting the Five Critical Needs of Children…and Parents Too!                                             By Dr. Gerald Newmark 5 Critical Emotional Needs Respected – For a child to feel respected, they need to be treated in a courteous, thoughtful, attentive, and civil manner – as individuals, deserving of the same courtesy and consideration as others. Important – A child needs to feel: “I have ... Read More »

Field of Screams

Happy father and his son playing baseball

By John Christmann On warm spring days I can’t wait to toss the baseball around. “How about a game of catch?” I asked my son enthusiastically one glorious Saturday morning.  “No thanks, Dad,” he replied nonchalantly, oblivious of my pained expression, “I’d rather play lacrosse.” Lacrosse? These days, lacrosse is an increasingly popular springtime sport, complete with well-organized youth leagues ... Read More »

The Life You Live vs. the Life You Want to Live

Becky Weidow

How to Finally Achieve What You Really Want Take a break for a few minutes from whatever you were doing before reading this article. Clear your mind of errands to run, projects to complete, racing thoughts of all kinds. And think for a moment about your life and these two words: Certainty Uncertainty  These two premises, one being an outcome ... Read More »

Love is Deaf

Music Performance

Ah, the sounds of spring . . . robins twittering gaily in the morning . . . newly hung wind chimes ringing in the soft breeze . . . the gentle patter of May showers . . . the flat honk of a trombone practicing in the living room . . . Yes, as our budding musicians near the end ... Read More »