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Physique 57 : A Star Workout

Physique 57

IN THE FALL ISSUE of AKA Mom, we asked our cover model Denise Richards to let us in on some of her secrets for staying in shape. She told us that Physique 57® was a key element and said it was “the most challenging workout for my body”. After hearing that we had to know more, so we set out to find out just what Physique 57® ... Read More »

Moms Health: Medical Tests Every Woman Needs


AS A MOM, chances are your to-do list is longer than the Great Wall of China, so you may be tempted to let necessary medical tests slip by the wayside. Don’t let that happen… be proactive when it comes to your health. After all, no one else can handle the nose wiping, homework checking, bath giving, dinner making and laundry folding with the ... Read More »

Top 5 Family Winter Getaways

Winter Travel

Want to use your time off for the holidays to take a mini vacay?!? Check out these Top 5 Family Friendly Winter Getaways! Escape the Snow…… Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach,FL This resort is not only great for Summer travel, during the holidays they display an amazing sand sculpture exhibit (starts Dec 3rd), have carolers strolling the property, beautiful decorations ... Read More »

Winter Travel Tips

Winter Travel Driving

The holidays nearly always include travel. Whether it’s multiple trips to the store for groceries and presents, a road-trip to visit relatives, or a cross-country airplane ride to Grandma’s. At some point you’re likely to be packing, fielding “are we there yet?” or corralling your little ones through airport security. As much of a hassle all of this can be, ... Read More »

Top 12 Family Winter Activities


It’s cold outside but that doesn’t mean you have to spend your days hibernating. A warm coat, hat, mittens and some creative thinking can have you out the door and having tons of snowy fun! Outdoor Activities: 1. Good Ole Sledding There’s nothing like zipping downhill on a cold winter’s day. Don’t have a sled? No worries, just use an old trash ... Read More »

Keep your Face Moisturized & Protected


With humidity at it’s lowest and your heating bill at it’s highest, your skin can turn into an itchy flaky mess! Not only is dry skin uncomfortable, it can add years to your appearance. Don’t fret, you won’t have to hibernate this winter, keep your skin moist and protected with these Winter Skin Care Tips! Moisturize Frequently Choose oil-based moisturizers ... Read More »

Mom’s Favorite Pair of Jeans


  In a quest to create the most “flexible” yet flattering pair of jeans for women, Samantha Harris, beautiful host and stylish mom from Entertainment Tonight, teamed up with DL1961 Premium Denim to create “Samantha”. Having two kids of her own, Josselyn 4 years old and Hilary 10 months old, Samantha knows Moms need comfort and flexibility.     After ... Read More »

Winter Fashion Necessities


During the frosty months towards the end and beginning of the year, you may be more concerned with keeping warm and dry than committing a possible fashion faux pas with a multitude of shapeless, bulky layers. But thanks to the diversity of stylish winter garments available, any woman can strike the right balance between snug and fashionable that goes beyond donning parkas and knits with pom-poms. Your Perfect Pair ... Read More »