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OC to Babies: Kristin Cavallari on Life After the Beach


For those in their twenties and early thirties, Kristin Cavallari is without a doubt a well-known name. Since her television debut in 2004 on the viciously popular reality show, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, we have watched her blossom from spunky teen to full blown adult. No longer a teenager kicking back in the OC, Cavallari has graduated to encompass a plethora of talents. From actress to designer; Cavallari is non-stop. The latest and possibly most demanding job she has taken on? MOM! In this exclusive interview, Kristin Cavallari gives a peek inside her life as fashionista, app developer, television personality, and of course how she manages so many talents while maintaining her role as an awesome mom. Read More »

Postpartum Taboo Topics 101: NICU


Giving birth to a child goes hand in hand with a plethora of expectations. New parents anticipate being able to immediately hold this new life that has been growing for a solid nine months. They look forward to that first cry, that terribly sticky meconium diaper and the constant rousing of a wiggly newborn. Unfortunately for some, these scenes are experienced only in their imagination. Often for reasons unknown, mothers all over the world have these precious moments stripped from them following a premature labor or sick baby requiring a stay in the often unmentioned NICU. Read More »

Six Steps to Authentic Perfection


The pressures of living the American dream often encourages us to be perfect. We often feel we need to meet extremely high standards, look like celebrities, and never make mistakes. If we do not meet this crazy criteria, we feel unworthy, not enough or even unloved. This has to do with the belief or definition of perfect that has been ingrained in our minds. Is this a fact? Of course not. The true definition of perfect is actually having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. This can be interpreted so many ways. We have the power to decide how to look at, and apply this. We can stop punishing ourselves with these unattainable ideals and look at what our authentic perfection can be. Read More »

Bilingual Baby


By Dana DeMercurio When is the best time to teach your child a foreign language? What if we told you it was before he was even born? According to MultilingualChildren.Org, new technology has allowed researchers to determine that infants in the womb acquire fundamental verbal skills even before uttering their first word. Behavioral and neurological researches alike have found that ... Read More »

Just Breath and Curse: A Survivor’s Recount of Natural Childbirth


Giving birth is terrifying. It’s messy, uncomfortable and any shred of dignity you had left when you waddled into labor and delivery is gone as more strangers have seen your vagina and poked at your cervix than you care to divulge. As though any of that weren’t enough, it HURTS. Not like an “ouch I stubbed my toe” kind of hurt. This is an “I am going to have to push a watermelon out of my body” kind of hurt. In the end the pain is worth it of course as without the mess there wouldn’t be a beautiful baby to coo over. Read More »

From Doritos to Diapers: Ali Landry on Life, Love and Motherhood


Ali Landry first made her way into the hearts of Americans in 1996 when she was crowned Miss Louisiana and followed that win with taking Miss USA of the same year. She became unanimously iconic after the 1998 Super Bowl commercials introduced a Doritos ad depicting Landry doing what beautiful women do best; drive co-eds crazy with lust, all while snacking on the popular chip. Read More »

Tips to be your child’s health advocate


By Jennifer Chung, Kinsights.comBeing engaged and informed in your child’s health is one of the most important roles that a parent can fill, but dealing with a health issue can be anxiety-inducing for most parents. Here are some practical tips to help you navigate health concerns for your child:Be informed: If you have been referred to a specialist, make a ... Read More »

5 Faux-Healthy Foods


By Grace Miazga There’s not one day that goes by where you don’t run into some sort of advertisement for dieting and weight loss.  It’s a popular thing, yet we all feel alone in beating America’s biggest challenge.  The most frustrating part is trying to shave off that last 5-10 pounds that seems cemented onto our bodies.  Why is this ... Read More »