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Top Pregnancy Myths Debunked


The minute you announce you’re pregnant, well-meaning friends, family and even strangers feel the urge to share their pregnancy stories and an array of pregnancy myths that you never asked for. You may find some of the stories amusing while others may send you into a state of unnecessary neuroses. While I can’t prevent the pregnancy and birth stories for you, I can debunk many of the popular pregnancy myths (according to pediatricians and pregnancy experts) you’ll be exposed to during your 9 months of pregnancy Read More »

Ways To Soothe A Crying Baby

Mother holding her crying baby isolated

By Jennifer Chung, New moms can get frustrated when their newborn gets fussy and can’t settle down.  Babies have a sixth sense for mom’s emotions, if mom is feeling stressed out, baby will feel it too.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed, try some of these simple tips to help soothe your baby. Swaddle - Hold your baby against neck or right on ... Read More »

Modern Family’s Modern Mom: Julie Bowen


Modern Family has become hugely popular by playing on the “dysfunctions” of what is today’s version of a modern family. At the center of the not-so-exaggerated family is the beautiful and hilarious Julie Bowen of whom may be remembered as the love interest opposite Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore and wife to Kevin Spacey’s character in Horrible Bosses. Now we can expect to see her even more as she has been picked up for the second time as a Neutrogena model. When she isn’t being hilarious and beautiful onscreen, she is being even more hilarious and beautiful off-screen! In this exclusive interview, Julie Bowen offers her own tips on staying sane with three boys, staying gorgeous with Neutrogena and the importance of giving back. Read More »



Do you want to have the kind of life that is excitingly appealing, glamorous and filled with adventure; a life where you reveal the real you, your truest self, living on purpose with passion? You truly can! Here are 10 tips and tools for living the life of a sexy, spectacular star. You do deserve it! Read More »

No More Bedtime Battles


Bedtime and toddlers mix as well as oil and vinegar most nights. Bedtime can be a time of frustration for many parents as toddlers escape their bed and sneak out of their rooms multiple times. Here are some helpful tips to get your child to sleep in their own bed without waging World War III! Read More »

Should You Parent Differently Based on Birth Order?


How many times have you heard someone say that their two children are completely different? Experts believe that birth order is closely linked to everything from general temperament, to career preferences, to the way children make friends. And while kids are certainly born with unique personalities, the way we parent them can definitely shape, refine and reinforce that personality. So, should we parent differently based on birth order? Read More »

5 Tips to Potty Train Your Child


For most parents, potty training is a daunting task (whether it’s kid #1 or #7, like me). We stress, bribe, beg and pray it goes quick and easy. But the fact of the matter is it’s different for each child and there’s not one prescription for perfect potty training. There are, however, tried and true tips that you can put into action to help the process along. Here are a few tips that have worked great for our family. Read More »